ATARS VITAL NVG Improvement Project Final Report

By Charles Lloyd, Steve Nigus, Mike Swing

Technical Report W9104AC000, FlightSafety International, St. Louis, Missouri.


This document reports the findings of the VITAL NVG Stimulation Improvement project to improve and enhance the NVG training on installed ATARS VITAL systems based on FlightSafety VITAL 9 Image Generators, collimated cross-cockpit display systems, and FlightSafety SkyLight raster/calligraphic projectors. This research focuses on the use of NVIS-9 (Gen III) goggles worn by aviators with consideration given to the accuracy of the simultaneous unaided visibility of the OTW scene by pilots not wearing NVGs. This report does not address the use of aircraft mounted sensors (e.g., FLIR) or the headdown display of sensor video.