High-Level Vis-IR Stimulated NVG Training

Dr. Hubert Burggraf, Dr. Wilfried Plass
Simulation Division
Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
Bremen, Germany

Charles J. Lloyd, Steven G. Nigus, Brian K. Ford FlightSafety Visual Systems
FlightSafety International
St. Louis, USA

From the Proceedings of the 2009 IMAGE Society Annual Conference, St. Louis, Missouri.

Practical Geometry Alignment Challenges in Flight Simulation Display Systems High-Level Vis-IR Stimulated NVG Training


Physically accurate Night Vision training for flight simulation is provided by combining standard issue NV goggles, a VITAL X image generator and database, and the AVIOR®VisIR laser projection system. The AVIOR®VisIR projector contains an IR laser that overlays an independent infrared image onto the out-the-window scene drawn by an RGB laser. The RGB laser provides a high-contrast scene optimized for unaided viewing while the IR laser provides a physically accurate stimulation of standard issue Night Vision Goggles (NVG). The visible and infrared projections can be driven from independent IG channels without sacrificing physical accuracy in either projection. As a cost saving option, a single IG channel can drive both projections via one of two “clone” transform techniques without significantly sacrificing physical realism. These clone operating modes are features of the AVIOR®VisIR projector.

VITAL X’s physics-based display system model takes into account real-world radiances, projector spectral and dynamic behavior, as well as spectral and dynamic responses of the NVGs. As a result, deterministic integration of the high contrast AVIOR®VisIR laser projector with different goggle types is straightforward.